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Clever ego-boosting widget - IS Parade

IS Parade – Twitter Parade Generator by KDDI

IS Parade is a widget that allows twitter users to create a virtual parade of their followers. It’s a fun tool that KDDI, Japan’s second largest mobile carrier, launched to promote the new Sharp’s IS series android phones in Japan earlier this year.

Why do I think it’s a good idea?


IS Parade taps into data visualization to create something fun and interesting. It’s hardly a new idea. Data visualization has caught on over recent years as a ‘thing’ to do to make something seemingly dull (like a lot of data) interesting. The challenge I’ve found with a lot of data visualization initiatives seems to be the lack of real utility or a hook, which makes it engaging and interesting beyond pure aesthetics.


The utility bit is tough. I don’t think IS Parade offers any real utility to its users, but what it does well is realizing one important truth about human being – we are egoistic by nature (some of us more than others).


They’ve found the hook.  


The people behind IS Parade know that ‘followers’ on Twitter is something any person who tweets cares about. We all want to grow the number of our followers. We all want to share. We all want to be heard. We are egoistic.


In a fun way, IS Parade is a parade of one’s own followers. The hook is in that fact that we can watch our followers on a parade virtually.


Again, it’s not a new idea. It doesn’t offer real utility to the target audience, but it found a good way to use data to generate interests and visualize it in a fun way.


The idea is simple, smart and sweet.


The Merlion Hotel - Did you expect that of Singapore?

The Merlion Hotel


The Merlion Hotel was an ad hoc hotel that was set up as a piece of installation art for the 2011 Singapore Biennale earlier this year. Beyond just being an art piece, it was a fully operational hotel for 32 days.


I think it’s a great idea for two reasons:


1)     A clever combination


The Merlion hotel is a perfect blend of art and tourism, which is the direction that Singapore has recently been trying to dial up to make this tourism destination even more attractive.


It went beyond art. The fact that it became a fully operational hotel for 32 days allowed the public to interact with the Merlion and gained a totally new experience.


It gave ‘art’ a meaning and elevated it to something tangible that people could relate with.


2)     Daring move


It’s one of those ideas that I thought to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


The truth is I could have. But I would never thought that such an idea could be possible in Singapore.


In a country that is known for rules and regulations, you would think that the government would be so stringent and overly protective of its national icon.


Who would expect the government to allow an artist to do anything to the country’s icon, much less setting up a hotel?


It was a good idea because someone actually made their ‘good idea’ happen against all odds.


As expected, the Merlion Hotel gained a lot of traction from the art scene, but more importantly from the public. The idea will no doubt live on even though they’ve dismantled the hotel. As people refer to the Merlion, some one will go, “Did you know that they made it into a hotel?”


A simple lesson: a good idea stays an idea until someone with initiative and tenacity to make it happen. 

Cool Pictograms from H-57 - history of personalities we know. 

I am horrified that any marketer would quote the bible and use it as an angle to market their services!

Brave though, I hope the company is still running. 

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